John Theydon's "Captain Scarlet 1"

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John Theydon's "Captain Scarlet 1"

Post  Captain Burgundy on Mon Jun 18, 2012 1:19 pm

The following thread has been put in place for members of this site to review John Theydon's first Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons novel. I shall submit my own review below, to avoid double-posting, but you are neither expected or intended to agree to my views. Please submit your own reviews in a reply.

The Plot:
The Mysterons gain the ability to control the Earth's weather, causing tremendous problems for Spectrum and making rather a mockery of the scientists that endeavour to help the situation. Before the Mysterons can destroy all life on Earth, as they have sworn to do, Spectrum must track down and stop their latest agent.

Favourite Bits:
The scene in London, while Captain Scarlet is on leave with Rhapsody Angel. The humour is superb throughout the book, but I especially like that part - particularly the part in Trafalgar Square. It's very hard to pick a favourite part from that scene, but I shall go with the old orator talking about "the end of the world" as the Mysterons send a deluge on London:
"Woe! The heavens have opened! As it was in the time of Noah, so it is again!"
"Well, it wasn't so bad for him - he did have an ark!" a man retorted with an attempt at a joke.
Nobody laughed.

Not exactly a favourite "bit", but the characterisation is excellent - from the cheeky page Scarlet encounters whilst on leave in London, to the many different scientists... Each character is very different and enjoyable. I often found myself laughing out loud.

Any faults I found are definitely nit-picks. I really did enjoy this book.
One small detail that did irk a little was the use of American mannerisms in British speech. I know it's only a little thing, but it did get on my nerves at times. The amount of times that Captain Scarlet - and Colonel White, on one occasion - answered a question with "sure" for example, got under my skin. I suppose it isn't just the fact that they're British, but that none of the Spectrum officers are very informal whilst on duty, apart from in certain situations (like when they're drugged in Flight to Atlantica, for example). Exchanges like the following just don't feel right to me:
Lieutenant Green flashed Captain Scarlet a cheerful grin.
"Hi, Captain. Have a good time!"
"Thanks. Will!"

Nice Touches:
I really like the colour pictures included, in the centre of the book (1989 copy). These were taken from the series and had little or no relevance to the story itself, but are a very nice touch.
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