"The Complete Book of Captain Scarlet" by Chris Bentley

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"The Complete Book of Captain Scarlet" by Chris Bentley

Post  Captain Burgundy on Mon Jun 18, 2012 4:28 pm

The following thread has been put in place for members of this site to review "The Complete Book of Captain Scarlet" by Chris Bentley. I shall submit my own review below, to avoid double-posting, but you are neither expected or intended to agree to my views. Please submit your own reviews in a reply.


What's Inside:
  • Foreward by Gerry Anderson
  • The making of Captain Scarlet (production, voice artists, etc.)
  • The world of Captain Scarlet (characters, craft and what the world is like in 2068)
  • Episode synopsis
  • Merchandise (comics, novels, audio adventures, etc.)
  • Beyond Captain Scarlet (information regarding the television programmes that followed).

Let me start this review by saying that without this book, creating this site would have been a great deal harder. It has everything a Scarletini - in fact, a fan of Gerry Anderson's productions generally - would want to know within its pages, and many things that most people wouldn't expect to find out. To say the least, it's interesting and well worth purchasing if you happen to find it.

Favourite Parts:
I seem to spend the most time reading the episode synopsis pages; mainly because they have been so well-written. They have a tongue-in-cheek feel to them and yet don't mock the episodes. The entire book has been very lovingly written and put together by a man who is obviously very fond of this television programme.

Least favourite parts / nit-picks:
I don't have any. As far as I'm concerned, this book is perfect. It does refer to programmes as well as Captain Scarlet, but it does so to give you an understanding of the era and production timeline in which Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons exists and it is most definitely Captain Scarlet that is focused upon.

Nice Touches:
There are some great images from the series and the merchandise within these pages, as well as photographs of the cast and production crew. There are also interviews with some of the cast and crew, which is a very nice touch indeed.
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