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Post  Captain Burgundy on Sat Feb 12, 2011 3:42 pm

Our forum is subject to its hosts' own rules, which must be followed if it is to remain operational. However, as our site is meant for people of all ages, like the series that it was created to honour, we feel that the hosts' values are of equal importance to us in any case.

So, please...
1. No swearing or offensive language
2. No innuendo
3. No intimidating or unsettling other members
4. No rudeness to other members
5. Bear in mind that people of any age can view or join this site.
Try to imagine a child of your own reading anything you post - is it suitable?
6. Please try to ensure that your posts are clear and easy to read - avoid slang, "txt" style typing and where possible please check your spelling.

If it is pointed out to any member of the site that he or she has gone too far, then an apology is expected.

On another, equally as important note, our forum is here as a means of communication between our members. It is not a means of advertising outside sites. It is perfectly all right to post up a link in the specified area; but don't overdo it.
Spamming in any shape or form will not be tolerated. Spammers risk being banned without warning!

One final thing: double-posting for the sake of it will not be tolerated. It's annoying and makes posts hard to follow and difficult to read. If you feel you must add to a post, please use the edit button; this is what it is for.

Thank you for reading.

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