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Series Timeline

I've been trying hard to work out a series timeline, but I've not got very far. I'm ashamed to say I've done more guessing than anything else.

For one thing, I'm disregarding the "10th July" references. The series begins in 2068 and (I assume) ends in 2068, as towards the end of the series is Expo 2068. If this is the case, July comes round at least twice in one year; once at the beginning of the series (Winged Assassin) and again toward the end (in Flight to Atlantica, when Spectrum is celebrating its 1st anniversary). There are also other instances in between, but I think Flight to Atlantica is a good episode to pick on for this reason: either Black was on Mars before Spectrum had even officially began operating, which doesn't really work, or Scarlet arranged a party in the Officer's Lounge without permission before he returned to active duty - and that is pushing his luck, even for him! The only July the 10th which I'm not going to disregard is the one in 2058, which is a bit different.

Right, what have I got? Well, I do know that Operation Time is set in March 2068 - there is a date on some forms that have to be signed early on in the episode. I'm looking out for other dates in the episodes, but so far I haven't come across any more.

My guesswork goes rather like this... The series is made up of 32 episodes and episode 8 is meant to take place in March... Supposing the incident on Mars (in The Mysterons, obviously) took place right at the beginning of the year, some time in January? Then let's say that The Inquisition took place towards the end of the year, perhaps around Christmas? Surely the other 30 episodes could fit quite neatly in between?
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Post on Tue Apr 17, 2012 9:19 pm  Captain Scarlet

Perhaps Adam was celebrating my birthday with me... Halo It's a clever idea... you could be right.

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