Character Profile: Professor Barzo

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Character Profile: Professor Barzo

Post  Professor Barzo on Mon Feb 21, 2011 11:30 pm

Designation: Professor in music

Rank and attributions: Civilian - travelling musician

Real Name: Kimberley "Kim" Barson

Place of Birth: London, England

Date of Birth: 29 August 2043

Height: 5 Ft. 5 Ins.

Eyes: Grey

Hair: Dark Brown

Personal History:

Born Kimberley Crawford in Kentish Town, London, England


Barzo is responsible and trustworthy. She tends to have a fit of rage now and again that hinders her slightly and is instantly recognisable by her broad London Accent she is married to Mike and is often heard talking about him and how much she is missing him . Her love is for music and loves to play keyboards and She is often seen in the Scarlet Knight, entertaining the clientèle.
Professor Barzo

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Character Profile
Character Name: Professor Barzo
Character Status: Civilian
Role: Travelling Musician

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