Character profile: Captain Lime

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Character profile: Captain Lime

Post  Captain Lime on Fri Feb 18, 2011 6:54 pm

Spectrum Designation: Captain Lime

Rank and attributions: Colour Coded Senior Captain. One of Spectrum's top astronauts.

Real Name: Lily Stanton

Place of Birth: Bristol, England UK

Date of Birth: 07 April 2048

Height: 5 Ft. 7 Ins.

Weight: 119 Lbs.

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Blonde

Personal History:

Lily is the youngest of her family. She has always had an interest in space travel and after studying telecommunications and computing at college for three years, she joined the World Space Patrol. Her first job was in telecommunications at Bermuda for two years, where she showed great promise; she then was headhunted by Spectrum.


Lime is a workaholic and will get on with any task that she is given. However, she still has a sense of humour and once off duty she is full of fun.
Like her sister, she is quite creative and musical; she plays the piano and can create beautiful dresses with the minimum of effort; without the need of computerised assistance. Lime learnt to swim while in Bermuda and often joins Captain Grey in Cloudbase' pool when she feels restless. When she is feeling less energetic, she likes to sit down with a well-written book.

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Character Name: Captain Lime
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